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The machines and machine groups are listed below. On each machine's page, you will find the training policy, suggested maintenance schedule, maintenance log, machine team meeting minutes, and any other machine specific information

Machine Classifications

This list is as up to date as possible; however, the official list is kept here.

MW1 Class MW2 Class MW3 Class
Machine (Probability, Severity) Machine (Probability, Severity) Machine (Probability, Severity)
Cordless drill
Palm Sanders
Dremel Tool
Non-powered hand tools
3D Printer
Gen. electronics
Laser Cutter
Water Jet
Band Saw
Cold saw
Soldering iron
Angle grinder
Circular Saw
Milling machine
Drill Press
Belt/disc sander
Miter Saw
Bench grinder

Mentor Off Duty Access

In order to... I need...
... sit on couch, use computers, or grab fasteners/electronic components ... nothing.
... train users on any machine ... to first show the trainees where the e-stop and major hazards are. Then I can begin training.
... use Class MW1 machines ... any Makerworks member (mentor or user) present and aware of e-stops and major hazards.
... use Class MW2 machines ... a Makerworks member who has been trained on the machine.
... use Class MW3 machines ... a Makerworks member who has been trained on the machine. Use is prohibited from 2 am - 6 am.

Mentor Off Duty Flowchart.png

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